Danish Zaidi

The author is the CEO at Cheekh - Speak up. He is an engineer and tech enthusiast with a keen interest in Political dynamics and Public Policy.He tweets as @syedmdz

This is how House of Cards would look if it were based on Pakistani politicians

Ever since House of Cards (HoC) season three was released, I have been trying to create a list on how HoC would turn out if it were based on Pakistani politicians and, finally, my efforts have come to fruition. And to my surprise, the list has turned out to be more interesting than what I had expected. The main reason why I wanted to map HoC characters on Pakistani political celebrities is because of the grim and gores both American and Pakistani playfields of politics share. Also, I was inspired to make this because of the trials and tribulations innocent people face due to the filthy tactics and ...

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Mubashir Luqman, why can’t you appreciate something good?

Last week, Mubashir Luqman conducted a show in which he revealed the corruption of the PML-N’s laptop distribution scheme. The videos of the show went viral on YouTube. People admire Mubashir Luqman because of his thorough research, but I’ll be straight here – I actually like his show because it is in favour of the PTI. In the past, when Luqman spoke about the MQM, nobody liked him. But since he is now against the PML-N and his allegations are in great favour of the PTI, he has turned into a national hero. Let’s come to the ...

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