Omair Mushtaq

Omair Mushtaq

Passionate about cricket and Pakistan, Omair is working hard to make his country a dominant force in the world. He tweets @MalikMachine.

What the Pakistan Premier League should look like

The dream of Pakistan Premier League (PPL) has finally become a reality: the Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), Zaka Ashraf has declared that this event will be held in October.  Here’s what I think the event should look like. Name To be really honest, I would like a unique name for our tournament. Case in point; Spain’s La Liga and Australia’s Big Bash, two unique names which almost every sports fan knows. And frankly there are too many Premier Leagues in our region. Why not something in Urdu? Total number of teams  There are speculations that 16 teams will feature in the event, which is ...

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