Muhammad Mustaqeem Yousfani

The author is pursuing his BBA from SZABIST Karachi and blogs at Students of Pakistan. He recently joined Youth Parliament of Pakistan and is also a die hard cricket fan. He tweets @MustaqeemYousfa

Bollywood, please stop demonising Muslims

The relationship between Pakistan and India has always been a challenge because of the cultural and religious differences.  However, both governments are trying to promote diplomacy and are trying to formulate resolutions regarding the Kashmir dispute. We must not disregard the ‘Aman ki Asha‘ initiative either, where decisions like releasing prisoners and making amends is being employed. What should be scrutinised and acknowledged is that the media has a great role amidst all of this. This is especially so for films; film is a medium through which we can influence the general views of the public and tow it in the right direction. Regrettably, ...

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How the One Rupee Project can help literacy

The One Rupee Project is an idea that provides a clear vision of making a self-sustainable Pakistan. The movement was started by Sarosh Waiz and some of his friends in an effort to help the sectors of education, skill development and entrepreneurship in Pakistan. The idea behind this movement is that a small donation given on a regular basis can make a big change. It thus, seeks a contribution of just one rupee a day, which will add up to Rs365 per year per person. This means that initially, if only 100,000 people are approached, the minimum funds generated will be Rs36,500,000. This sizeable sum ...

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