Faisal Kapadia

A Karachi based writer who blogs at deadpanthoughts.com and tweets @faisalkapadia (twitter.com/faisalkapadia)

Two Golds and five Silvers! Well done Pakistan

People view the IT and software industry of Pakistan as a fledgling market. It does not get a lot of media attention and there are many rumours and speculation about what is actually being developed in these offices. However, this industry has behemoth competition, not just from our neighbours, but within the region itself. Our IT and software sector has an organization, which acts as an umbrella body representing and grooming products and companies to pitch to the world, called [email protected] or Pakistan Software Houses Association. A month ago [email protected] held the ICT awards in Pakistan, where they selected 18 ...

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Who is @NaveenNaqvi ?

Naveen Naqvi is the Executive Director of Gawaahi, a Pakistan-based non-government organisation. Prior to this, she was the Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Gawaahi.com, a completed, self-sustaining project of Gawaahi. As a broadcast, online and print journalist, Naveen has been a senior news anchor for DawnNews, producer at NBC News and written for Huffington Post, The Express Tribune, Dawn and The Friday Times. She has traveled from Kazakhstan to Germany and Brazil for her work as a journalist and now as a social media activist. Before this, Naveen was a television actor, model and music show host. When did you first join Twitter and why? I ...

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Who is @FarhanMasood ?

A  single dad to a 6-year-old princess Farhan Masood is the founder of Go Green Pakistan, a campaign aimed at connecting patriots in the country. He enjoys putting smiles on people’s faces and loves Pakistan. When did you join Twitter and why? I joined Twitter on July 2, 2009. I was known as Baba-e-Facebook due to my following and large numbers of comments on my funny statuses and then Talal Masood (@Taalz) introduced me to Twitter and I loved it. Twitter is like a text-based radio and every account holder has his or her own station. You can broadcast the text of your ...

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September 13, 2011

Video blog: What I saw in Badin

Two hundred people have fallen prey to the devastation that hit Badin and other areas in Sindh by more than 1,000 millimeters of rain in the last month. This is the heaviest rainfall ever recorded in Sindh. Compare this to the 70 odd millimeters of rain that has fallen in Karachi over the past few days and one begins to realize the magnitude of the catastrophe Sindh is facing. I was in Badin earlier this week with a group of volunteers called SA Relief. I witnessed, first hand, what exactly was going on. From our entrance into the Golarchi area ...

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Who is @TristramPerry ?

 Tristram Perry is the information officer and spokesman at the U.S. Consulate General in Lahore.  He was one of the driving forces behind Network, Pakistan’s first international social media summit, which took place in June in Karachi. Tristram is a career diplomat and has served at posts in Indonesia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Washington DC.  Prior to joining the U.S. Department of State, he worked in public relations for several years in Boston, including as the director of Public Relations for the Boston Conservatory.  He was educated at Tufts and Oxford University, and speaks Russian, German and Indonesian. 1) Why did you ...

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Who is @Kalsoom82 Lakhani ?

Kalsoom Lakhani is founder and CEO of Invest2Innovate (i2i), LLC, a global social enterprise intermediary that matches investors with social entrepreneurs in emerging markets, with the pilot market launching in Pakistan in Fall 2011. Prior to starting  i2i, Kalsoom was the director of Social Vision, which provided seed grants and hands-on support for social enterprises, and innovative initiatives in their start-up stages, mainly in Pakistan. Kalsoom is also a managing editor, and helped launch Think Change-Pakistan– a blog that tracks the social entrepreneurship and innovation space in the country. She also founded and runs the popular blog, CHUP, or Changing up ...

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Who is @FarrukhSiddiqui ?

An event manager, with over 28,000 followers, Farrukh Siddiqui is not new to the Twittersphere. He is one of a few Pakistanis who command such a huge following in this form of social media, and is often seen making use of it to further causes deserving attention as well as to patriotism. It may not mean a lot to some people but his immense following grants him power to propagate ideas, and discourse far beyond a normal social media user. Here are his answers to the questions we asked him. 1) Why did you join Twitter? I really joined twitter accidentally; one of ...

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Who is @Jehan_Ara?

Jehan Ara considers herself a communicator so writing, blogging,  social networking, presentations, the online show that she started – all of it makes her who she is and help her do her job better. Born in Karachi and raised in Hong Kong she has gone on to become one of the most respected women in Pakistan’s blogosphere. Why did you join Twitter? I was already active on my blog and on Facebook and it seemed a natural progression to get into micro-blogging. I use the social network for everything I do and Twitter is just one ...

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Who is @Tazeen Javed?

Tazeen Javed is what you call an experiment junkie. She is game for everything which she has not done before; she has worked at a gay bar and tinkered with a grenade (with its pin out!) because she had to get it under her belt. However along the way, she has managed to get some expertise in the field of communications and that’s how she earns her living. She also writes for various newspapers and news weeklies. Why did you join Twitter? Because you asked me to. Really, you said that I should join twitter to spread the word about my blog ...

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Who is @SundusRasheed?

Sundus Rasheed describes herself as an occasional writer, a behind the scenes media person and a travel addict. She is responsible for a great team of Radio Jockeys at CityFM89 and their shows and everything that goes into making radio – including music and promotions. “If something goes wrong on air,” she says “I’m the one to blame.” Q: Why did you join Twitter? I joined Twitter when Facebook was banned for a couple of weeks, sometime in May 2010. I felt so disconnected from the rest of world – what people were thinking, what my friends were doing. Twitter proved to be such a melting pot ...

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