Tazeen Jaffer

Tazeen has been working at the Employee Banking Dept in Standard Chartered Bank, Pakistan and is currently doing her MBA from the Institute of Business Management (CBM). She loves to read and write and tweets @saratazeen

Be grateful for what you have, you never know when you will lose it

We have all heard the song “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” but to say that injury makes you humble was a true revelation to me. From the confident stride of an excited corporate newbie to the shattered step of an injured daughter, I have seen it all in the past month. I ruptured ligaments of my right knee at a friend’s surprise birthday party around two weeks ago. For those oblivious and medically illiterate chaps such as myself, that’s when your muscles around the knee (ligaments) tear due to irregular twist of your knee. It’s an injury that footballers sport, but trust me, ...

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Be a Cakeoholic

Like most people in Karachi, my friends and I have grown up with only one form of entertainment: eating out. It is the easiest, most readily available and socially acceptable form of entertainment in Pakistan. From standing in line for hours and trying out a new fast food joint like Hardees, to visiting a hidden gem of an eatery in Saddar, we have done it all and enjoyed it thoroughly too. Recently, with the rise of social media and websites, the food industry has truly thrived, and many new businesses have come up offering an amazing variety of food. Food is no longer just ‘a ...

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