Aroosa Shaukat

A reporter at The Express Tribune who has a Textile Engineering degree from the National Textile University in Faisalabad. She tweets @AroosaShaukat.

Journalism – the worst career?

Besides the usual 140 characters of political, financial, emotional and otherwise, raving and ranting that goes on on Twitter, including my own, I recently came across a tweet that read something along the lines of ‘newspaper reporting ranked as the worst job of 2013’. Sure.  A mighty revelation indeed! As it turns out, it wasn’t just a figment of my imagination after all. Those long endless, and almost of no avail, debates of how overworked, underpaid and over-stressed reporters were, finally made sense. Only, what intrigued me the most was a tweet, by a fellow reporter, which was not a random ...

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Blasphemy in Lahore: They vandalised my school

On October 31, a young girl Maryam, clad in a shalwar kameez and headscarf, looked down from the roof of her house located across the Farooqi Girls High School in Lahore, as protesters vandalised the school where she studied in grade three. “We won’t be going to school for sometime Ami says,” she said to me, as the mob set fire to the school, where just a day earlier she had attended classes. Located in a densely-populated area near Kareem Park, the school had been providing education to girls up to grade 10, with most of its former students now ...

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The genie does not fit the bottle anymore

While the media in Pakistan has travelled a long and difficult journey to reach where it has today, as a young member of the fraternity, I am left confused if this really was the destination my elders struggled for. Even if handful, there are still people in the media, who stand by their principles — code of ethics as they call it, and rightly so. But while this seems the only honourable thing one can and should stand for — ethics that is — the younger lot in today’s media largely feels estranged to the idea. Being introduced in an environment ...

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Why give female reporters ‘soft’ beats?

Besides the intellectually deprived generalisation with which ‘beats’ are largely associated in media organisations across the country, what fascinates me even more is the assumption that certain beats work well with a specific gender. In the world of journalism, where ‘beat’ actually refers to subjects which are generally covered by a reporter in the course of reporting, one of the great debates is whether a reporter covers a ‘hard beat’ or a ‘soft beat’. Let me dare to explain. The elders of our tribe in their infinite wisdom decided to develop a relationship between news beats and genders of reporters. Hard ...

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Imran Khan: The hero that stole Christmas

In a recent letter addressed to Imran Khan, the Lahore-based umbrella organisation for NGOs, the Centre for Human Rights Education (CHRE), expressed its ‘concern’ to the PTI chairman on his party’s plan of holding a public rally in Karachi on December 25 which marks the celebration of Christmas the world over. While recognising the right of the party to hold a public gathering on a day of its choosing, the organisation asked the PTI chief to change the day for the rally that is scheduled to be held in Karachi on Christmas. The letter states that holding a rally on December 25 will ...

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Hello Foton, bye bye Daewoo

In a bid to revamp urban transportation in Lahore, the Chief Minister, Shahbaz Sharif inaugurated a fleet of ‘environment friendly’ CNG buses last week to cater to the growing demands of public transport in the city. Run under the banner of the Foton Bus Company, a Chinese firm, the service has launched 56 of 111 CNG buses, with the rest scheduled to hit the roads of Lahore by the end 2011. As a means of providing modern transportation to the provincial capital, which is in a desperate need of an efficient public transport system, the bus service is expected to provide ...

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