Mustafa Omar

The writer has recently completed his undergraduate from the University of Cambridge and has an interest in public policy.

Remembering Air Marshal (retd) Asghar Khan: A soldier, a maverick, and a loving grandfather

On June 25, 2002, my grandfather embraced my siblings and me as we carried our father’s body to his home in Abbottabad. In that moment and at the age of 81, he swiftly took responsibility of the family of his eldest son; he remained poised despite the overwhelming grief as familial duty called. At the tender age of 14, I had come under the wing of Air Marshal (retd) Asghar Khan. My mother and her three children permanently settled in my grandparents’ home in Islamabad. Living a semi-retired political life, he took an active interest in my education, reviewing ...

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Are the stars finally smiling on Imran Khan?

One can finally sense that the tide is turning and Imran Khan is being taken seriously as a political contender.  It can be seen at dinner conversations, where our liberal elite are no longer taking every opportunity to ridicule his minor inconsistencies and misdemeanours or in how his party workers are slowly becoming more recognizable on television. His rallies are now being attended in the tens of thousands rather than by a few faithful hundred and it is the convergence of such elements that is propelling him towards the main stage of our nation’s politics.  It is through this ...

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