Umer Latif

A student of telecommunication engineering, a cinema fanatic and a blogger.

Rebuilding the Muslim Empire

An inhabitant of today’s civilized Western democratic state, while alluding to human barbarism and fanaticism, always recalls the medieval ages. For a Muslim, however, the medieval ages are among the gloriously shining eras of history, when Muslim scientists and philosophers made monumental advancements for the benefit of mankind in almost all major fields of knowledge. Today, every thinking mind wonders what made those giants fade into history without being followed by men of similar standing? What caused the severe moral and intellectual downfall of the Muslims? Leaving aside the political turmoil and dictatorships which happen to be an inevitable ...

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Two faces of the hypocrisy coin

Although it’s a common human trait (one of the most abundant natural commodities, individually and collectively) I try to focus on the society that I live in, and while focusing on my society, I try to scan it from both perspectives, the so-called conservative and the so-called liberal perspective. The so-called conservative Pakistani society is dominated by conservative factors. The overwhelming majority of the urban middle class, especially in Punjab, highly reveres the religious clergy and looks upon it for guidance. But as the saying goes, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, the contractors of religion tend to degenerate into ...

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Napoleon once said, ‘History is a myth agreed upon’

Napoleon may be or may not be right in his assessment of history, but the fact remains that history is one of the most essential pillars of the firm colossal building of knowledge. The study of history is most inevitable to acquire membership of the intellectual community. But the dilemma is that, for each nation, the sole purpose of teaching history at schools is self-glorification and fulfillment of national vanity. The acquisition of pure wealth of knowledge is not the purpose and requirement of this education. Rather main attention and emphasis is put on preparing extremely patriotic and nationalistic generations, with ...

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What secularism and why secularism?

The recent upheavals in Muslim societies generally and Pakistani society particularly has dragged religion itself, which is considered to be the very ideological basis of Pakistan, on cross roads of time. To reconcile religious tenets with modern principles of Secularism and Liberalism seems to be the most critical demand of the hour. In a society that is, on one side, afflicted with poverty, illiteracy, cultural and religious prejudices and on the other, crushed under the vicious exploitation by the prevailing system of feudalism, in close association with the political arena and thoroughly sanctioned by religious authorities – status quo seems ...

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