Sabina Rizwan Khan

A freelance writer, working with a Youth Organization as one of its Co-founder and a certified youth trainer. She writes for various national and international newspapers and magazines. She has a Masters degree in Mass Communication from University of Karachi and enjoys reading, working for the environment and exploring new places, languages and cultures.

10 reasons why childhood beats adulthood

Ever wonder why children don’t have frown lines and why they always seem happy? Why are adults, so often on-edge and grumpy? Caught in today’s busy lifestyle with ever increasing responsibilities, grown-ups don’t have time to languish in the pleasures that once excited them as children. Regardless, reminiscing about the carefree days provides one with at least a nostalgic smile. I am sure every one of you probably has their own fond memories. However, here is my list of why I believe childhood is better than adulthood, and I hope it takes you back to the days when life was ...

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