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9 stupid questions you hear when you wear hijab

I wear a hijab, and contrary to popular belief, I am not sheltered. I have a thriving social life and enjoy talking to different people. However, I am always amused and sometimes irked with the looks of curiosity people direct towards me. Even though the hijab is becoming a popular fashion trend in most countries, and in some as an act of rebellion there a few people are still suspicious of it.  I have come across some hilarious questions -being a polite person, I generally don’t answer as I would wish to. But if  I did answer these questions the way I wanted to this is ...

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I was not hired because I wear a hijab

As I stood outside the glass door, gathering my confidence I took a deep breath. “This has got to be it,” I thought. I prayed one last time before entering the world I wanted to be a part of. I was a recent advertising graduate, a position holder, the favourite of almost all my teachers. I was about to enter the office of a renowned advertising agency to interview for a copywriting position. This was where I had always seen myself when I closed my eyes. I was ready to give it my best. I stepped inside and took in the surroundings. Done ...

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