Ghulam Muhammad Malik

A Sargodha based sub-editor at Express News

Growing old in Sargodha

Everyone in Sargodha knows Master Bashir. His political vision, analytical skills and power of expression have transformed him in to a local celebrity. He is like a living encyclopedia. No matter what the subject of debate – Master Bashir is the man to settle it. He reads national newspapers headline to headline, even the classified section and tender notices! Nobody can beat him in a game of cards, ‘gilli danda’, ‘12 got’, ‘9 got’, ‘bante’ or any other amateur street game. Master Bashir starts a lecture on morality whenever he sees a couple chatting. He hates co-education and often lectures on the merits and demerits of ‘gender issues’ ...

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One-wheeling: passport to death

I was sitting outside a local tea shop with my friends, adjacent to Sanda Road when a bike came crashing into the footpath near us. A young boy aged around 16-18 lay on the pavement in a pool of blood. The young boy had been riding his motorbike on the back-wheel through the city’s busiest road at high speeds. Sadly, he was unable to control his bike. This was the first time I encountered such a brutal accident and I pray to Allah that it may be the last. Motorcyclists like this guy can be found displaying their dangerous stunts on busy ...

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Plight of Punjab, plight of Pakistan

A protest movement by teachers and students’ unions, political and religious parties and community organisations across Punjab has been launched against the decision of the Punjab government to privatise 26 public sector colleges and to further the creation of a Board of Governors for the implementation of its decision. The board of Governors will comprise ten members including parliamentarians, experts from the education and social sector and a relevant commissioner who will head the board. This body will be independent to employ teachers, take managerial and administrative decisions and will be authorised to furnish projects. But how will students of poor ...

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