Sadia A Ahmed

The writer is a graduate of Mount Holyoke College and SOAS University, currently working for the Editorial pages at The Express Tribune.

The importance of being heard

“And you’re listening to FM 100… “Aapka apna radio station… “The heartbeat of Pakistan… These tag lines sound familiar to all of us. Because at some point of the day, most probably while driving, we have all tuned into our favourite FM station. Whether you are enjoying the ride back home while listening to music or catching up on breaking news, it is quite common for these teasers to resonate in your car. Over the years, radio channels have saliently impacted our lives -not just for their entertainment value, but in the case of the recently mushroomed FM radio channels, by providing a ...

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September 1, 2010

Turning a new leaf

Pakistan seems to be taking a battering these days in every possible way. It is plagued politically by incompetent leaders, jinxed by unpatriotic national heroes accused of spot-fixing, and reeling from a recent spell of accidents and natural disasters — flight ED-202 and the floods. I wish I could get my hands on a magic lamp and ask the genie to solve all our problems. But then I’m woken up to reality. At the same time, though, the good work people are doing to help those affected by the floods is extremely motivating. I would like to laud the enthusiastic response by ...

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Weddings: Taking it to the next level

There is something about the summer season in Karachi that makes me love it, despite all that heat and humidity. Not only is it the best time to go swimming and enjoy succulent mangoes, it is also somehow the best time to get married for many. Talking about the week-long festivities, dancing the nights away to Indian tunes is the typical culture of a wedding household. Gone are the days when cousins and friends used to get together to sing traditional Pakistani wedding songs. Now, the trend is to dance to catchy Indian beats. Where exactly is our sense ...

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Vive la football

What’s with the football craze these days? Cricket or football, please choose? Well, for all those football-lovers out there aren’t these questions just so annoying? Why do some of us in Pakistan take offence if there has been a recent liking for football among the youth? Regardless, there is no denying that hockey remains our national sport, and cricket our nation’s pride. Sports in general are becoming a great source of television entertainment and with our cricketers not providing much, and footballers making for better eye-candy, it is indeed becoming the preferred sport among the youth. So for all ...

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