Mobeen ur Rehman

Mobeen Ur Rehman

A doctor, an artist, a musician and a short stories writer, who is working on becoming a better human being.

Are you a real Karachiite?

Imagine this. You’re lying down, dead beat from a long day and really not looking forward to yet another monotonous day ahead of you. No, not because you hate your boss but more so because your boss hates you. You’re done surfing through all the 87 useless channels that your beloved cable TV operator provides. You refresh your Facebook profile one last time on your supposedly ‘smart’ phone, hoping for a new notification, friend request, or a wall post ─  anything. You put on your PJs and hop into bed. The last two minutes before you slumber, that’s when your ...

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30 rules for survival in Pakistan

The mammoth difference between the lifestyles, and opportunities, provided to the so called elite, and the average man living a hand-to-mouth life, in our country, is nothing new to us. If you wish to survive in this country, you have to climb on the bandwagon. And the following instruction will tell you exactly how to do that. Please follow them very carefully. In case anything goes wrong or you are left morally impaired or religiously handicapped, just die. 1.  If you are already filthy, and ridiculously rich, go directly to instruction number nine. 2.  If you do not think you can ever be ...

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