Omair Zeeshan

Corporate Account Manager by day and photographer by night. He can be found on Twitter @OmairZeeshan

NAB dilemma: A jury of my peers

The National Accountability Bureau is the government’s solution to fighting corruption. It is a federal executive agency of the Government of Pakistan and is vulnerable to all the same diseases that have been plaguing the government because of its inherent nature. The Human Rights Watch world review of 2007 said “The government continues to use the National Accountability Bureau and a host of anti-corruption and sedition laws to keep in jail or threaten political opponents.” That was then and not much has changed now. But what do they know; they are just one of the world’s leading independent organisations dedicated to defending ...

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Good fishing in flood waters

Some of the things our countrymen have done in the aftermath of the flash floods, the plane crash and the ethnically motivated violence are stark examples of how far people will go to benefit from other peoples’ misery. It is ‘good fishing in troubled waters’ according to the Spanish – well, flood waters in our case – who believe that humans have a gift for profiting from the general misfortune of others. So far, we have not proved them wrong. When flash floods forced people to leave Kot Addu, bus drivers charged them up to Rs15,000 for a ride to ...

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Next door to the president

Living in Karachi is not easy for anyone. Imagine how hard it is for those of us living in the vicinity of a politician. The street where I live has always been over-run by members of the ruling party but now the smug party workers have legally bought a house as well. The house is to serve as the party’s ‘media centre.’ And disturbingly it is not the only one. The party in true ‘Borg’ like fashion has started to assimilate the area by buying out all the houses in the lane. Resistance is futile; the house I live ...

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