Ahmad Malik

A medical student based in Lahore who tweets @Ahmad_Malik

‘Are you having a baby? I hope it’s a boy’

In an era where cell phones and Botox have changed our lifestyles, our mentality is still not very different from the dark ages. If you browse through any Urdu newspaper’s classified section, you might come across an ad that says “beta” (son) in big, bold letters. If you read further, it says “Inshallah, beta ho ga” (God willing, it’ll be a son). And it’s not just newspapers. People send spam text messages like “Boy or girl, choice is yours”. This is a gruesome reality that tells us our thinking has not evolved at all. The stigma attached to the birth of a female ...

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Doctors have to eat too

As a medical student, I have witnessed the doctor verus government tussle from the get go. Firstly,  let me clarify that this is not a protest – this is a breaking point. Doctors have been protesting for years and the government paid little, if any, attention. The facts leading up to this month’s events are actually understandable to anybody who has been to a hospital ward. Serving humanity or bank accounts? The first question in a medical student’s life is where he will work after MBBS. This is no joke. An estimated 1,500 doctors leave Pakistan every year to work abroad. This year ...

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