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US based freelance journalist and columnist Salim writes on geo-polical issues

Blackwater chief makes a run for it

Mercenary-in- chief and head of Blackwater, Erik Prince is reportedly moving to the United Arab Emirates to avoid prosecution or indictment in United States. The report comes from ultimate Blackwater watchdog Jeremy Scahill. Almost all of Scahill’s reports on Prince and his company have been authentic and congressional committees on Capitol Hill have even summoned Scahill to testify. Prince’s plans to move to the United Arab Emirates were influenced by many different factors, prominent amongst them is the indictment of long time confidant and a former president of the company, Gary Jackson. Two other senior executives and founding members of ...

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Forging a roadmap for peace in Afghanistan

General Stanley McChrystal, commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan has once again arrived in Pakistan to “provide an update on International Security Assistance Forces’ operations in Afghanistan,” reads the handout by the American Embassy in Islamabad.  Hardly any substantial information leaks from the garrison city of Rawalpindi of the meetings by General Kiyani and his visitors, except for stories filed from Washington by the New York Times or Washington Post. In a few days the papers will report on how much General Stanley McChrystal appreciated the sacrifices of the Pakistan army but it must do more and flush out ...

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