Dr Bilal Rana

An anaesthesiologist and clinical instructor at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland. He is currently pursuing a post-doctoral fellowship in critical care medicine at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. He has contributed to various publications in the US.

Shariah in the USA

This week, Michele Bachmann alleged that Shariah law in America would “usurp” the American Constitution. Senator Cain, too, recently made statements that he would not allow Muslims on his cabinet because of a “creeping attempt” to incorporate “The Muslim faith” into the American legal system. With 13 states having now banned Shariah law, the hysteria has really caught fire – and boy is it hot. Men like the New York-based lawyer, David Yerushalmi fuel this hatred. Despite his lack of credentials in Islamic law, Yerushalmi has rallied momentous support and become the recognized ...

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Ahmadi in America: Why Shahbaz Bhatti’s death gives me hope

My life in America has been a breeze compared to the life I would have had in a Pakistani village had we stayed there after I was born. But try telling that to a misfit outsider transplanted to Texas. I happen to be an Ahmadi by birth and by practice. It is common knowledge that in Pakistan, where I still have family, anti-Ahmadi conferences take place regularly. During these conferences, audiences are taught that they have a religious duty to kill Ahmadis. As a result, some uneducated Muslims who are unable to read the Holy Quran for themselves, are misled to believe ...

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