Inzamamul Haq

A former captain of the Pakistan cricket team

Pakistan vs India: Afridi’s men start off as favourites

As the much-awaited semi-final clash between India and Pakistan draws closer, both captains will be under pressure to make some difficult decisions. Often teams have the tendency to make strategies keeping the opposition’s strengths and weaknesses in mind, rather than playing according to one’s own. This is a tendency that Shahid Afridi will do well to avoid. India’s much vaunted strength in having brilliant players of spin, must not deter Pakistan from relying on their in-form spinners, who have played an important role in the 1992 champions’ spectacular run in the tournament. At the same time, the clamour that there has ...

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World Cup 2011 quarter finals: Remaining calm is crucial for Pakistan

As the 1992 champions aim to get back to winning ways in the World Cup, the team management has the very important task of lifting the morale of a much maligned outfit after the heavy loss to New Zealand. A lot of criticism has come the way of Shahid Afridi and his men, which would have dampened the spirits of a side that had won three successive matches before facing New Zealand. Here I must emphasise that the situation that Pakistan find themselves in, is not as desperate as most experts have made it out to be. The team has now ...

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Asad Shafiq: A star in the making

Pakistan’s victory against Australia provided us with some key insights into the 1992 champions’ strengths, as well as, weaknesses. Much has been said about the exceptional bowling performance that was on display from the men in green. It is a well-known fact that it has been the bowling that has time and again provided the team with the ability to excel against the best sides even during periods when we no longer possessed the starpower that we once did. Here, however, I want to focus on the performance of a future star in the making, who has exhibited extraordinary temperament and ...

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New Zealand vs Pakistan: Time to make a change

Sitting atop Group B with six points, after registering three successive wins, Pakistan are now in a position where the team must reassess its strengths and weaknesses – a crucial time for an essential performance appraisal. During this performance appraisal Pakistan must capitalise on their strengths and eliminate weaknesses. Post appraisal the Pakistan team will find that, despite being the boasters of the most successful campaign by any team in the 11th edition of this mega event so far, Pakistan suffer from an acute shortage of form in their opening batsmen combination. Mohammad Hafeez and Ahmed Shehzad have failed to ...

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ICC World Cup 2011 is wide open

Australia entered the last two editions of the World Cups as sole favourites. It’s not very often that a World Cup is so wide open that any of the top five teams can clinch it with equal probability. Pakistan stand tall, striking a perfect balance in their batting line-up and their bowling depth. With the tournament wide open, it provides a rare opportunity which should not be lost without a fight. But I want to emphasise on the need to improve their fielding. If Pakistan are to win the Cup, they must make rapid improvements in their fielding. Ground fielding is looking strong ...

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