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Ab MSc candidate in Fisheries Science, who blogs on a regular basis at Kiss My Roti, her personal blog and tweets at

WikiLeaks: the old, the new and the ugly

A few days ago, released approximately 91,000 government documents related to the war in Afghanistan through three news organisations, the New York Times (American), the Guardian (UK) and the Der Spiegel (German). The documents are mostly a collection of war logs; a series of eyewitness accounts and reports from the soldiers on the ground and contain unconfirmed and unverified information. In the words of WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, the documents are “true” but the information in them might not be. Keeping this in mind, I’m going to summarise some of the more crucial information from this massive data dump. The ...

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Welcome to Pornistan

If Fox news is anything to go by, Pakistan may be the leading nation in “sexy” online searches. According to a recent article featured on, Pakistan is ranked the first in the world in terms of pornographic Google searches. Of course, this discovery is juxtaposed with Pakistan’s recent behaviour in cyberspace. Pakistan temporarily banned Facebook, Youtube and Blackberry service in reaction to the controversial Facebook group “Everyone Draw Muhammad Day”, which itself was a reaction to Comedy Central’s decision to censor the image of Prophet Muhammad from South Park. Of course there is the obvious question:  If Pakistan ...

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It’s time to cut the proverbial cord

The past five years have been among the most critical in Pakistan’s existence. Economic and political tensions which were simmering for the past fifty years have finally come to a boil. So it comes as a shock that the Punjab government would hand Rs82 million to Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD), the charity wing of Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), the militant group allegedly responsible for the Mumbai terror attacks in 2009. Of the total Rs82 million allotted, Rs79 million have been earmarked for the group’s headquarters in Murdike and Rs3 million were granted to religious schools run by the organisation throughout Punjab. On an international scale monetary support ...

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What do fish have to do with climate change?

We are not a nation of big fish eaters. I came across this revelation one night, as I looked around the dinner table and could not find one food item containing fish. Given the state of our dinner tables, why should Pakistan’s fisheries matter? Pakistan’s fisheries exports may (including marine, freshwater and aquaculture) represent 1.1% of the total merchandise trade, but they pale in comparison to our other exports such as agriculture. On a social level, out of the population of 172.8 million, only 300,000 people are directly employed as fishermen (this number is based on rather low estimates and ...

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