bisma loan

Bisma Loan

An Abu Dhabi based social worker who has previously worked with the Red Cross in Sydney, overseas chamber of commerce in Karachi, and the New York city welfare program. She has an undergraduate degree from the College of Wooster, and a masters degree from Baylor University.

February 17, 2011

A moral argument for abortion

Abortion. An eight lettered word that can ruin any well-heeled kitty party or friends’ night out. I should know, since I have successfully brought conversations to a screeching halt (or the opposite) on both occasions. I often wonder what it is about that word which awakens the morality brigade. Those arguing against abortion often claim “It’s a living thing!” blithely ignoring my scathing looks of disbelief. Science and logic seem to take a back seat in this argument. How about some facts to back up emotion? The power is hers I’m pro-choice, in case there was any doubt. If there is anything in life ...

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