Raza Abbas

A full-time PhD Student in the computer sciences at a school in the US. He blogs at Waking Life.

Returning to Pakistan

If you’re a Pakistani student studying abroad (US, UK, Europe, Canada, Australia wherever) pursuing whatever degree, people will automatically assume you’re staying there for good. And by people here I’m referring to our fellow countrymen. When you meet them at a gathering or a get-together, such topics are often the subject of discussion. Telling them that you have plans of returning home will earn you looks of utter bewilderment, as if you’ve said something embarrassing. You go back to Pakistan to visit family and friends, and everyone invariably asks you how you are doing abroad, so you tell them you’re getting by ...

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Mera Karachi

I know things haven’t exactly been very rosy in Karachi of late, but I was out and about yesterday, and couldn’t help but notice how drastically travel times across the city have been reduced. Although admittedly, it was a working day and I was not exactly out at a rush hour (it was 4pm-ish), but kudos to the city government for doing a great job of planning and maintaining the infrastructure in the city. And thanks to the signal-free corridors, I was able to get from North Karachi to Malir Cantt in a mere 25 minutes. Imagine that! I’m sure ...

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Hypocrisy galore

The hypocrisy of this world can really mess with your head sometimes. So, by now you must have heard of the fresh wave of sanctions that have been imposed on Iran by the United Nations, and that too with a 12-2 vote count in favour. I am no proponent of Ahmadinejad’s politics, and certainly not of his provocative stances. What ticks me off, however, is how Israel manages to break every other international law or UN resolution in the book, and still walks away scot free! They pull off acts that nobody else in the world can ever think of ...

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