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A doctor and cricket fanatic who blogs at and tweets @saidation

A tale of conspiracy: Why can’t we handle the truth?

Pakistanis welcome anything that rejects official explanations and prefer to adopt absurd theories. It’s no secret: we love conspiracy theories.  We love hearing about them, we love entertaining them and we love spreading them. Perhaps it’s a third world phenomenon, where we instinctively suspect our surroundings. Or perhaps, it’s just illiteracy and the fact that in our part of the world, people are easily duped into believing anything. Take any of the following incidents as an example: whether it’s piecing together Raymond Davis’ actions in Lahore, suspecting entrapment of our oh-so-innocent cricketers, screaming foul when Rahat was arrested in New Delhi, and even ...

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World Cup 2011: Why isn’t India prepared?

If India has one thing to learn from the Commonwealth Games debacle in New Delhi last year, it is to improve organisational skills before hosting a mega event. And if you think India has learned a thing or two before hosting the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 to avoid a similar embarrassment, you should think again. Since the start of the tournament, controversy has followed the Indian administrators running the World Cup. Indian cricket is a gold mine which is as deep as the Earth’s core. Immense fan interest, competitive advertisements and media attention has given it more money than anyone ...

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Basant is banned for the right reasons

I have vivid memories of Basant.  Everyone would be caught up in the spirit and festivities of the season. Maybe it’s because all one really needed to celebrate was a long string and a kite. And if you still couldn’t afford that, you could snatch one that’s drifting awayin the sky. But alas, the festival which once attracted tourists from far and wide to Lahore is now a thing of the past. Anger at the government’s ban The Punjab government’s decision to ban Basant sparked a hot debate on Twitter. Pro-Basant activists believe the onus is on the government to provide ...

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Ahmed Shahzad: Rising in the ranks

Ahead of the cricket World Cup this month, the timely arrival of Ahmad Shahzad into the Pakistan cricket team has made me very hopeful . The teenager’s century inspired Pakistan to a 41-run win over New Zealand and wrapped up the six-match series with a game to spare. The Lahore-born opener who attended Cathedral High School began his cricketing journey at the age of seven and has never looked back, representing Pakistan at the under-13, under-16 and under-19 level. He is a true example of someone who has risen in the ranks based solely on merit, and is fast becoming the solution to ...

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