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A former CEO of a Fortune 200 Denmark-based logistics company operating in Pakistan and Afghanistan. She blogs at

Shahbaz Bhatti: Wake-up call for Pakistan

Once again conspiracy theories abound. Who killed Shahbaz Bhatti? Of course, there must have been that ever present ‘external hand’ with sinister designs, American interest groups or the CIA. No matter what the theory – there is no excuse. If the conspiracy theories circulating in the media are true (and the CIA is in cahoots with the Taliban without the knowledge or approval of the ISI) then the government and state should be ashamed of their intelligence ignorance and take decisive action to stop this fundamental attack on Pakistan’s sovereignty. If these stories are bollocks and there is no CIA or outside connection (and ...

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A dummy’s guide to morality in Pakistan

Like everyone else, friends on my e-mail group became very active while discussing the recent media hype about Veena Malik. While the opinions came from a diverse group of people, one irritated friend questioned why people can’t seem to follow basic ‘Pakistani moral standards’. Reproduced below are the top 10 rules on Pakistani moral values that came out as actually being followed in modern day Pakistan: Pakistani moral values 101: Top 10 rules If a Pakistani man dates more than one woman, he is a Casanova. If a Pakistani woman dates more than one man, she is a “loose woman”. If ...

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Confessions of a fundamentalist: We’re going to get you

I have a confession to make: I am what some of you might call a fundo : a fundo strategist to be precise. I was recruited in secret by a group of people calling themselves the “Tehreek-i-Nifaaz-i-Duniya-i-Jahaane-Musalmaniya-Pakistan.” It is  a top secret group made of representatives from different religious parties, banned outfits, sympathisers and financiers. Our group composition Our group operates like a small company. We have an an established mission (evident from our name) and a chain of command: nigraan-e-nizameen (board of directors) markaz-e-tazobarkar (core strategy group) majmuah-e-teelibaaz (general workers) I am the naib chaalbaaz (deputy strategist) and report to the emir chaalbaaz (chief ...

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Countering harassment: My eyes are up here

Not long ago, at an informal get-together of friends in Karachi our conversation turned to harassment in the workplace. One of my friends mentioned a recurring problem she was having with a male colleague, who seemed to always keep his eyes at a particular location on her body instead of looking her in the eye when talking to her. She could not avoid it as their respective job roles required a lot of communication between the two. This was particularly uncomfortable yet she was unable to raise this either directly with the person in question or with anyone else at ...

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