Sumaiyya Lakhani

Sumaiya Lakhani

A sub editor for the Sunday pages of The Express Tribune.

How schools can cope with increasing violence

Living in Karachi is no mean feat. And the recent bomb blast that targeted CID police official Chaudhry Aslam Khan’s house in the Defence Housing Authority and claimed eight lives is a recent reminder of that. It is unfortunate and rather alarming, that the area is home to many schools. The CAS, being one, suffered heavy damage because of which the school was closed for a few days. Considering the current scenario, it is pertinent that children are made more aware of what to do in an emergency situation and for this, schools should offer first-aid workshops and make attendance mandatory ...

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A woman at the helm in Thailand

A business woman becoming a politician? No less a prime minister? Whoever heard of such a thing! Thailand’s 2011 elections brought interesting results as Yingluck Shinawatra (former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra’s sister) stepped up as the next prime minister, the first woman prime minister, in fact, to grace Thailand’s political stage. And not surprisingly, most women are very supportive of what they hope will be a positive change. Most people were of the opinion that the men of the country had been given enough chances to run the country but had failed to solve most problems. Thailand had had enough. ...

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City of lights… only during the day

Not once, not twice… but a dozen times I have witnessed the city of Karachi being true to its name. The City of Lights, as it was called, has of late seen more than its fair share of darkness. But wait… there have been instances of the city being alight, trying hard to regain its past glory. It’s quite a pity that that has happened only during the day when it is least needed. At 5 pm at the peak of summer, I was rather upset to see all the street lights near Karsaz and on Sharah-e-Faisal shining merrily as ...

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Animal cruelty does not make for good entertainment

It’s quite the norm in Pakistan to come across monkey-trainers putting on a show or hearing about a rooster fight taking place in a certain village, or even going to the beach and witnessing people paying to watch a snake and a mongoose fight it out – all in the name of harmless fun. It is quite disturbing, however, to see the media take this form of entertainment – if you can call it that – to the next level. Channel surfing one morning, I chanced upon a TV show where a trainer tried to coax his goat to stand on ...

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De-meriting the merit system

Pakistan is notorious for multiple reasons – ranging from terrorism to illiteracy and poverty. Recently, however, I feel that our merit system has seen a bit of a downturn. It seems that in the professional world, it’s all about who you know, not what you know. And for fresh graduates like myself, that is indeed quite demotivating. My friends and acquaintances will start with the: “my dad knows the head of HR at company XYZ so I’m going to be starting there from next month.” And i’ll wonder what relevance a social sciences degree will have in the finance department. Aah, ...

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“I want to grow up and be a policeman”

We are a sad lot. Whiners — worse, complacent whiners.  Whether it be a dinner, a wedding or a funeral, we refuse to miss any opportunity to whine and complain about the current political setup. But what do we do about it? The taboo attached to any profession remotely related to politics or the bureaucracy is quite unfortunate; but whining about it being unfortunate is not the answer. Despite all that, there are a few who choose to do something about it. In order to change the system, you have to become a part of it. Watching from the sidelines ...

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