Asad Baig

A freelance journalist based in Islamabad. He has worked at various news channels and follows Pakistani politics closely.

Sympathy for the dictator: How Musharraf lost a fan

Let’s face it. Media fraternities hate ex-President General Pervez Musharraf. Yes, they do and for obvious reasons actually. Ironic really as General Musharraf did sow the magic beans of ‘free media’ that later grew to become a monstrous self-defeating beanstalk. It shouldn’t come across as a revelation when I say that supporting General Sahab is considered somewhat taboo in the media community – it is pretty much like venturing on a cross-country road-trip in Vietnam holding an enormous American flag. But me? Being a staunch enthusiast of his rule, I refused to let one crazy-speech and a bunch of my colleague’s prickly ...

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A dirty war: PML-N and MQM take the gloves off!

The term dirty politics has taken a literal turn and the tension that had been building up for a few days has obviously reached fever pitch. The PML-N and MQM had a show down in front of the parliament house that saw the parliamentary leaders dragging in each others daughters, wives and sisters in to the brawl.  Accusations of alcoholism were thrown about and in a heated moment we even heard one leader screaming about sex toys found in one PML-N’s top leaders room! Whoever said politics was boring? In Pakistani politics at least you have all the elements of a great film. There is ...

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