Rimla Batool

A media student at Kinnaird College in Lahore. She aims to work in the print media after completion her education.

Indian until proven guilty: Adnan Sami can’t buy his way out

You know him for his many marriages, including the one with Pakistani female actor Zeba Bakhtiyar. You know him for skipping Pakistan, going over to India and rocking the Indian entertainment industry with his music to the extent that an article in Times of India termed him as “the most successful; face in non—film music in India” in 2002. You also know him for his miraculous weight loss of 107kg within a year. And now, you will know him for being in legal trouble for owning eight flats and five car parking spaces in Mumbai. According to a notice issued by the ...

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Kinnaird: Teaching more than how to be a wife

Kinnaird College for Women is a prestigious educational institute that has been producing women of strength and confidence for years. From Bano Qudsia, Bapsi Sidhwa, Asma Jahangir, Kashmala Tariq to Faryal Gohar, Sawera Nadeem and Hadiqa Kiyani, Kinnaird has produced leading women in all fields of life. It has a history of dedication and struggle in making it what it is today; the dream of every young girl. I am lucky enough that my dream has become a reality: today, I am a KCite. Everyday, I embrace the pride of being a part of Kinnaird because it is an institution that ...

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