Rvel Zahid

Rvel Zahid

The author is a cricket commentator and writer at Cricingif. He has also worked with The Nation and Dunya News. He tweets @RvelZahid (twitter.com/RvelZahid)

February 25, 2020

PCB’s new domestic structure: Improvement at the price of unemployment?

The Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) domestic cricket underwent radical overhauling last year when the departmental system was scrapped in favour of a new regional cricket structure. The old departmental cricket system, which had been the backbone of the local cricket scene since the early 1970s, featured 16 first-class teams that belonged to private organisations such as the Khan Research Laboratories and Habib Bank Limited. However, with the introduction of the new system, the number of teams has been reduced to six provincial squads, with Punjab sporting two teams and the sixth team catering to the cricketers of the northern ...

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