Shariq Thara

Shariq Thara

The writer is a LUMS graduate and a former NAPA student who founded 'heythara', a storytelling initiative that's been telling stories via theatre since 2011. He tweets @heythara (

Lahore’s infamous night theatres: obscenity or art?

The Al-Hamra Arts Council has always been extremely sensitive about giving a platform to political content. During the tenure of the previous provincial government, one could not even use the words “kyun nikala” as part of the dialogue during a performance. If you did, your production team would immediately be expelled from the theatre. However, this sensitivity is only limited to politics and does not extend to content of the infamous ‘night productions’, which seem to rule the roost at Al-Hamra. No plays can run beyond 10pm from Monday to Saturday and beyond 7pm on Sundays because both the main ...

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