Aleem Ahmed

Aleem Ahmed

The writer is a senior science journalist, broadcaster and science editor from Pakistan. He has served as the editor for monthly Science Magazine, monthly Science Digest and monthly Global Science and has also worked for Science & Development Network ( He is the first science journalist to represent Pakistan at World Conference of Science Journalists (WCSJ) – as a participant in 2007 (Melbourne, Australia) and as a speaker in 2011 (Doha, Qatar). He did M Sc Physics from University of Karachi in 1995.

Time does not make science obsolete, rote learning does

“How shameful is it that the world has reached the moon and we’re still teaching the same 300-year-old physics to our children in schools!” The gentleman on the phone – a learned and well-known educationist of Pakistan – was hoping that I would agree with his standpoint. He believed that we are teaching obsolete science to our children. But my answer, surely, disappointed him as he ran long arguments in favour of what he was already convinced about. My counter-arguments – though equally long and simple – weren’t satisfactory for him either. The 300-year-old physics of Sir Isaac Newton – better known as Newtonian ...

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