Ahmed Bilal Rathore

Ahmed Rathore

The writer is currently completing his bachelor's degree in International Relations at the National Defence University (NDU).

The deathtrap that is the Gadani ship-breaking yard

The country’s solitary ship-breaking yard is located at Gadani, which is roughly 50 kilometres away from Karachi. It is alleged that Gadani is the world’s third largest ship-breaking yard after the Alang-Sosiya yard in India and the Chittagong yard located in Bangladesh. Ships from all over the world come here to be scrapped and sold once they are past their prime and many of these ships bear the flags of European nations. For instance, Germany and Greece were the countries that dumped the most amount of vessels at Gadani in 2016. According to the 2017 Annual Report by NGO Shipbreaking Platform, ...

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