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A UAE based investment banker who is a regular contributor to The Express Tribune’s business pages

Team Green: Wish you all the best!

Last year in November 2010, Pakistan cricket was going through a very tough time. Already reeling under the dark clouds of spot-fixing shenanigans, a representative team lost to Afghanistan in the semi-finals of the Asian Games in China. As always, a loss in Pakistan is attributed to match-fixing while a win is credited to ‘qaum kee duayen’ (the nation’s prayers). “How can Pakistan bounce back from this low of losing talented cricketers with the cricket World Cup just a few months away?” This was the question which perturbed many Pakistani fans like me. But as they say, the sun needs to set ...

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I watched Pakistan scare the Kangaroos

As I boarded the flight to Colombo to watch Pakistan play Australia, I wondered why I was going. All the matches I had ever seen Pakistan play in a stadium dating back to 1987, we had lost. Also, we were playing the mighty Australians who were on an unbeaten 34 match streak. I comforted myself with the thought that the unpredictable Pakistan could tame the Australians. There were so many Pakistanis in Colombo that it seemed like I was in Karachi or Lahore. The second I told anyone I was from Pakistan, they assumed I was there to watch the match and ...

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US airports: (Not) a humiliating experience

Earlier this year, Javed Chaudhry wrote a column titled “A humiliating experience” for The Express Tribune. He details a bad experience at the hands of immigration officials upon arrival at a US airport. Unlike Chaudhry, my recent experiences of applying for visas and then traveling to North America as a Pakistani on a Pakistani passport was extremely pleasant. I applied for a visit visa to the US from the UAE. At the interview, the officer looked intimidating. However, his tone of questioning was very humble. The officer kept addressing my wife and I using the terms “ma’am” or “sir” respectively. The questions ...

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