Jessie Brar

Jessie Brar

The author is a chocolate lover, Bollywood dancer, bhangra enthusiast and a mental health advocate. She studied psychology at Queen’s University and now works in youth mental health promotion with in Toronto, Canada.

“He has a girlfriend”: When I unknowingly became the ‘other woman’

We met at a friend’s party. I knew everyone there, so I was curious when a new person walked through the door. All of us talked, hung out and drank. He asked for my number so he could ‘make sure I got home safe’. He sent me a text the next day. That’s when we started talking. It was just friendly at first, and then started to get flirty. He was nice, studying medicine in the Caribbean, funny; it was all going well. We hung out a few times and it started to become something more than just friendship. I ...

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