Sumayia Asif

Sumayia Asif

The author is a Sub Editor for the sports desk at The Express Tribune. She tweets @SumayiaA (

September 13, 2018

Serena Williams will always be an icon and a champion, but her outburst had nothing to do with sexism

Will you forget it? I think not. After all, the US Open 2018 is not one to forget anytime soon. The tournament was thrilling from the start, with remarkable displays of tennis, alongside upsets and firsts. However, what will remain etched in our collective memories is the women’s singles final; a certain Serena Williams, Naomi Osaka, and the chair umpire. The 20-year-old Osaka – who had never won a grand slam before – was playing with her idol. Williams, on the other hand, is no ordinary idol. The 23-time grand slam champion is an enigma. Not only is she a ...

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