Tehreem Aidrus

A freelance journalist who has studied journalism from the University of Middlesex in England. She is currently working on the opinion pages of The Express Tribune.

3D: What’s in a dimension?

Two years ago, I saw, what was at heart, a simple tale of romance and ecology, disguised as a sci-fi adventure about blue monkey people. Avatar cannot claim to be the greatest story ever told, but it was told well, and more noticeably it was the banner bearer for what 3D movies could be. It quickly became the most successful movie of all time, pushing Titanic off of the top spot. The two films used to have only one thing in common, their director James Cameron, but next year they will have another – I await with some trepidation the ...

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The wicked women of Bigg Boss IV

It started for me three weeks ago – while channel hopping looking for something entertaining to watch on television at home, I came across an Indian channel showing an intensely heated argument between some celebrities hailing from popular Star Plus soaps. Hoping for something interesting, I got comfortable on my couch and was drawn into the fourth season of Big Boss. Whilst undoubtedly slapstick lowbrow entertainment, this show still tends to keep people glued to the screen as it unravels the domestic affairs, romantic flings, feuds and rivalries of the various housemates. It is a real-life soap opera, currently filled ...

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