Adam Garrie

Adam Garrie

The write is the Director of Eurasia Future, writing on Eurasian integration, Middle East, South East Asia, China and OBOR. He tweets @adamgarriereal (

January 12, 2018

Iran-Turkey is not an alliance, but an incredibly realistic and meaningful partnership

The two greatest imperial foes of the Ottoman Empire were Russia and Iran (Persia). While the Russian empire collapsed in 1917, the Ottoman empire in 1922 and the Iranian in 1979, the modern successor states of the Russian Federation, Republic of Turkey and Islamic Republic of Iran continue to constitute towering Eurasian powers whose influence only continues to grow. This is not surprising in and of itself, but what is surprising is that these three great Eurasian powers continue to expand in terms of regional influence, but not at each other’s expense. Turkey’s rapprochement with Russia continues to dominate headlines, not ...

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