Sahar Sohail Khan

Sahar Sohail Khan

The author teaches at CAS School. Formerly, she was Managing Editor at Expert Parenting & Pregnancy Magazine and a sub-editor at MAG. She was named amongst the 100 Working Pakistani women for Pond's Miracle Women Award 2014-2015.

Dadi jaan was a warrior, wrapped in six yards of silk

Amidst the cacophony of uncontrollable sobs, wails and tear stricken faces, she lay there peacefully, lifeless and listless, shrouded in layers upon layers of pale white cloth, oblivious to the void she had left us with. An unfathomable sight for me, for I had spent my entire childhood admiring the grace and modesty with which my grandmother, Asiya Khanum, carried her colourful banarsi saris, those elaborately designed and intricately embellished pallus, the effortless ease with which she went about her daily chores even with six yards of fabric wrapped around her petite waist. I can’t recall anyone being on their ...

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