Tooba Fatima

Tooba Fatima

The author is a Fulbright scholar, currently completing her Master's degree in Mental Health Counseling from Boston College in the US. She has previously served as the Senior Manager for Research at Rabtt, a social enterprise which works to foster empathy and critical thinking through educational programs.

For Pakistan’s women, the false promise of safety in return for compliance is a double-edged sword

When it comes to living in this part of the world, Pakistani women have long been presented with a causational dictum. Comply and you will survive. Sacrifice in patience and the reward will come to you. Our parents worry when we step out of our homes, pursue higher education, or when we want careers, as the first reaction always is, “Beta, it’s dangerous.” It is dangerous to be out after dark, to be opinionated, or independent – because independent “awara” women are the ones who are assaulted and harassed. Yet, the statistics speak otherwise: – In November, a seven-year-old girl was raped and murdered by two brothers. – In November, a ...

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