Ahmed Bashar Syed

Ahmed Bashar Syed

The author is a Pakistani Canadian who is a student of Business Management at the University of Toronto. He tweets @AhmedBSyed (twitter.com/AhmedBSyed)

Irfan Bhai and his solar eclipse

“I really need to beat Amir’s high score,” I said to myself as I played another round of Temple Run, not realising my battery had drained down to 5%. My phone got warmer and the LED light on my screen began to blink red. I turned on the battery saving mode and slid my phone in my pocket. I looked out my car window only to realise that the car had not moved an inch. I guess I’m just not used to Karachi’s traffic anymore, and a 20-day visit is not even minutely enough to adjust to it. After being thoroughly engrossed in ...

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