Asadullah Qureshi

A student who plays for metal band, Berserker and blogs at The Iron Markhor.

Sialkot lynching: Roots of extremism run deep

I first heard the news on Facebook – I caught a friend ranting about a video of two boys in Sialkot getting brutally beaten to death in my feed. The internet has done its fair share of damage to most people’s minds morbid curiosity drove me to see what the video was about. It wasn’t exactly hard to find since violence has the potential for instantly going viral on the net. The video depicts two kids getting beaten up by almost everyone that could fit into the view of the camera. Around the end, there is even what appears to be ...

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Who remembers buying CDs?

If you got into Metal when the internet was still not widely accessible and the abomination better recognized as Justin Beiber was still being genetically engineered in a lab somewhere in Alaska, chances are, you look back fondly on the bands you discovered through 30 rupee acquisitions made at the local music shop. Bands that you have come to adore would often hide away beneath highly deceptive cover art, featuring, for instance, Lionel Richie spacing out about something or if you were really lucky, you would get the occasional scantily clad Britney Spears. As far as I can recall, these CDs ...

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The lack of punk rock in Pakistan

The Pakistani Music Scene or more accurately, the underground, has been home to virtually all variants of Rock music and one cannot therefore objectively dismiss the possibility of there being a Punk band in Pakistan. However, one band does not constitute an entire scene and given the political and cultural climate of Pakistan, the obvious lack of a Punk Rock scene is surprising. Notable Pakistani Punk Rock bands include Cornhole, Chosen Rejects and maybe the grunge band Ash. However, the fact is they do not function in the form of a coherent scene and their relatively few numbers seem to contradict ...

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