Huma Qureshi

An award-winning journalist and freelance features writer living in London, whose work appears regularly in The Guardian and The Times.

Paying Shah Rukh Khan to upstage the bride

Let’s face it. Asian weddings aren’t particularly known for being understated. But the news that some wealthy Indian families are now paying Bollywood stars to pretend to be relatives and appear at their weddings as guests, takes over-the-top to a whole new level. The sort of level that is so absurd, it beggars all laugh-out-loud belief. According to an article published earlier this week in the Guardian, socialite families are paying anything from £7,000 to £70,000 (Rs952,438  to Rs9.5million) for Bollywood actors and actresses to mingle with wedding guests, make idle chit chat and have photos taken with the newly-weds while ...

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