Aiman Masood

Aiman Masood

The author is a writer, bibliophil, fashion and music geek, self-proclaimed foodie who has a knack for cats, travelling and wants to mark her feet in the places unseen. She is currently studying Social Sciences at SZABIST. She tweets @aim_msd

Why every Karachiite will be able to relate to ‘Karachi, you’re killing me’

Last month, I grabbed a copy of ‘Karachi, you’re killing me’ by Saba Imtiaz. The title was quite relatable and I knew I had to get my hands on that book. Since I live in Karachi, and have the privilege of going through the same misery (and joy) that was written at the back of the book, I knew I had to read it as soon as possible, even more so because Mohammad Hanif recommended it. The story opens with the happening life of a female journalist named Ayesha. The book illustrates the agonistic life of a journalist who has to wake up early for a work ...

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