Mujtaba Hassan Raza

Mujtaba Hassan Raza

The author is an electrical engineer by profession and a film-maker by heart. For the past ten years, he has been involved with various creative art activities such as creating short films, ad films, 2D artwork and photography. He tweets @mujtaba_h_raza

November 16, 2016

Beth Jata Hon Mitti Pay Aksar: A tribute to our lonely wanderers

The outlook of the working class around the globe and Pakistan in particular has changed dramatically over the past 20-30 years. People are coming out from the comfort of their home towns and moving to bigger cities and foreign countries for jobs and education. But this comes at a cost; a large number of these people have to stay away from their families and friends for extended periods of time, and that changes a lot of things; from their personality to their lifestyle. Beth Jata Hon Mitti Pay Aksar (I Often Sit on the Soil) is a narration of such lives, something most the ...

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