Fatima Atif

Fatima Arif

The author is a marketing professional currently working in the development sector. Her interests include sustainable development, digital media, story telling and photography. She tweets as @FatimaArif (twitter.com/FatimaArif)

The smog is here to stay and there’s nothing you are doing about it, Punjab

We have a fairytale relationship with development, mainly because it includes building wide boulevards and skyscrapers in cities as a sign of prosperity. While in reality, it is a slow process which should include both urban and rural populations. As Kamil Khan Mumtaz said during a recent conversation, “You develop something or you develop into something and we have not defined this ‘something’!” This lack of definition has resulted in a development rat race that has now started to frequently slam us in the wall of environmental issues. The recent haze that has engulfed upper and central Punjab is a case in point. ...

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Yes, you can actually go turtle-watching in Karachi

Whenever one thinks of travelling within Pakistan and prospective vacation spots, the northern areas of the country are what come to mind. Scroll down your Facebook wall and Instagram feeds and the pictorial storyboards will corroborate this stance. Unfortunately, with the prime goal of running away from the heat and the general lack of interest in exploring our diverse culture, heritage, environment, and wildlife, we often ignore the treasures that our southern region has to offer. We often ignore the treasures that our southern region has to offer. Science has proven that there is a delicate balance between the wildlife and their habitat, ...

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