Obaid Zia

Obaid Zia

The author is a 20 year-old Texan pharmacy student in New York. In a quest to define "home" and to stop saying "y'all" so much; seeking the life of a poet but on the path of a pill dispenser. He tweets as @obaidz96 (twitter.com/obaidz96)

October 11, 2016

Mourning is not exclusive to our Shia brothers – I am a Sunni and I mourn in Muharram

This article originally appeared here. I am Sunni. My family is Sunni. We love Abu Bakr (ra), Usman (ra), Umar (ra) and Ali (ra). We believe in their rightly guided caliphates. The Commanders of the Faithful. We believe in Aisha (ra) as the wife of the Prophet (pbuh) and a role model. A Mother of the Faithful. This is our belief. We are not Shia. Being Muslim, we love the Prophet (pbuh) and love all that he loves. For what is beloved to the Prophet (pbuh) is beloved to God. This includes the love for the people he loved. The Prophet (pbuh) loved his wives, his friends, his ...

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