Mobin Nasir

A business reporter in Karachi for The Express Tribune

Gluttonous reporters: As far as food is concerned

Journalists or ‘media walay’ – as they are locally labelled – are a branded bunch. There are enough clichés about people from the news industry to fill a (rather wordy) book. But my favourite cliché is that if you want to see a lot of reporters at an event, make sure that there’s lots of food and that they know about it! So the story goes: I was sitting at the office of a rather suave business executive, busy jotting down his responses to my inquisitions, when he mentioned that his company was about to organise a very elaborate award ...

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Democracy: What’s school got to do with it?

Speak in favour of sustaining democracy in Pakistan and the first argument you are likely to hear in response is: “Look at the literacy rate in our country, these people don’t know what is good for them.” This is a grossly inaccurate argument and here’s why: Public franchise or elections need no explanation. This is the only facet of democracy that is so popular in Pakistan that no sooner have we had one round of elections, most TV talk show hosts and many members of the public can hardly wait for the next one. Arguably, the real process of democracy starts after this ...

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