Sadia Ahmed Butt

Sadia Butt

The author has a Masters in Mass Communication from Jinnah University for Women's and is currently working at Manhal Education School as an assistant administrator.

I was on a bus in Karachi when a “helpful” lady tried to steal my belongings

Standing alone in a bus makes you feel like a lone ranger. A lone ranger surrounded by Hannibal’s brutal army. It frightens you to the core and you want the crowd to disperse as soon as possible. As a daily commuter, I’m used to travelling in packed buses in Karachi. On one of these days, I was waiting for a passenger to get off so I could take their seat. But unfortunately, I missed the opportunity of grabbing the seat as two other female passengers, tall and broad in built, were standing on either side of the seats, ready to sit down. It seemed ...

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