Nazreen Fazal

Nazreen Fazal

The author is a writer, poet, and chronic traveller interested in exploring the intersection of language, religion and gender. Her work has appeared in various print and online publications, including The Hindu, Economic and Political Weekly, and The Huffington Post. Find her on Facebook ( She tweets as @NazreenFazal (

How to break a girl in 10 steps

Follow these 10 steps and watch a girl shrivel in front of your eyes until she becomes a walking womb that also makes your meals. 1) Make her realise she is a burden from the moment she is born. Sigh loudly when births of girls are announced. When they are a little older, let them see how you celebrate when boys are born and how the grandmother’s face contorts if the family is burdened with another baby girl instead. Make it absolutely clear that they are no cause for celebration. 2) Be very blatant in your favouring of boys over girls. Ask ...

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