Faiq Najeeb

A teaching assistant and PhD Student in Finance at the University of Nottingham in Malaysia.

Beards are not just for terrorists

For years I lived any young adult’s dream; there was music, parties, banter, unorthodox festivities, substance abuse and a fair degree of foul play. Then things changed radically – it was nothing short of a revolution; I grew a beard. After extensively studying and reading about both Islam and other religions, I started to pray five times a day and even encourage friends and colleagues towards the path of salvation. I have finally chosen spirituality over (supposed) rationality and have given up on worldly desires to pursue those of an eternal life. Why did I grow a beard? For me it was simple: a ...

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Pakistani airports vs international airports: Which is worse?

I’ve been sniffed by dogs, asked to remove my shoes, been randomly radio tested for explosives, questioned by immigration officers and the list goes on. After travelling  to 26 countries, I have realised that being a Pakistani is not easy when it comes to airport immigration and security clearance. I imagined that at least in a Pakistani airport, I would have some respite. But I was so wrong. My worst airport experience was at Karachi’s own Quaid-e-Azam International airport a few weeks ago. I reached the airport at 9pm to catch an 11pm flight and felt dismayed that I would be bored at the ...

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