Omar Shahid

A business graduate who iworks at a marketing research firm. His interests include discussing socio-political affairs, networking and reading.

It doesn’t matter, unless you vote

WikiLeaks has proven that the US is more involved in our domestic political affairs than we are. The hypothesis that no one can form a government in Pakistan without US support is correct. The released documents also show that the most powerful institution in Pakistan – the Pakistan Army – also seeks the approval of the US before manipulating the political scenario in the country. These ground realities, however, do not fit well with the description of democracy – a political system that PPP’s leaders claim to have brought back in Pakistan. “Democracy is the government of the people, by the ...

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Judges can be corrupt too

Who should we look up to for justice? This is not something I came up with – it is the title of Ansar Abbasi’s column in Jang, the Urdu daily. I used it in this post because I could not think of a better line to express my feelings. I read in the newspaper that 16 judges of the Supreme Court of Pakistan have accepted plots located in expensive areas of Islamabad. The chief justice, however, didn’t accept one. This wouldn’t have been a problem if some judges hadn’t accepted two plots, including Justice Khaleel-ur-Rehman Ramday and Justice Javaid Iqbal, mostly known ...

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