Liaquat Ali

A real-estate investor who lives in Fairfield, Connecticut. He graduated from the Connecticut School of Broadcasting.

The bitter truth: Use less sugar

Sugar has gone from the once dictatorial price of Rs27 per kg to a much awaited democracy induced price of up to Rs125 per kg. Rates in large cities of Lahore and Karachi are up to Rs105 per kg. It is said that sugar mill owners and wholesalers have become millionaires many times over. Rumour has it that sugar prices will further increase to Rs150 per kg during the Eidul Adha festivities. I remember the era of the 1970s in Karachi when sugar was not even available in the market. One needed ration cards to get sugar and some other staple ...

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Why Babar Awan chose to shut up

A friend of mine recently sent me this clip of Babar Awan’s interview on one of my favorite shows Point Blank hosted by Mubashir Lucman. In the show the federal law minister uses a weapon that many politicians don’t know how to use against the media –the power of silence. One of my instructors at the Connecticut School of Broadcasting used to tell the class that “silence is death of the broadcast media.” I believe that it was a slight miscalculation on Lucman’s part that gave Awan the opportunity to utilize the potent weapon of silence. Lucman put forth a few questions to Awan ...

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